if anyone managed to get tickets to vixx’s 1st solo concert and plans to resell it please contact me, i’m willing to buy it ;u; lovely starlights please help me reblog this because i will be in seoul on the 19th and.. it sold out before my friend could buy me any tickets and i not want to pass up this chance to see them. please help me by even just reblogging this.. it might catch the attention of a reseller.. i just.. please..

Hello fellow starlights! :”)
I’m helping my friends get to the next round of the 2014 K-POP Cover Dance Festival. We’ll really appreciate everyone’s help~

If it’s not too much trouble, please view, like and share their cover of VIXX’S ETERNITY at the link below.

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VORTEXX's (VIXX cover group) Hyde Dance Cover [cut] 

srsly gonna make a side blog for taekwoon

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Vixx/Leo Good-bye Stage (╥㉨╥) Get better Taekwoonah

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Leo (VIXX) Idol Athletics Championships

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Leo’s involuntary dance time

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Leo’s NGs and royal wave

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Knit Jumpers from Romwe~

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